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In Memory of David F. Sodervick


In Memory of David F. Sodervick, Principal Century and OJ Neighbours Elementary Schools 1960 - 1992. 


On September 29,  1987, the City of Wabash finalized the purchase of 15 1/2 acres of land at the site of the Paradise Spring Treaty signing. The cost to the city was $25,000.  

Dave Sodervick was instrumental is the work that was done both to create a reenactment area at OJ Neighbours Elementary School and in the development of Paradise Spring Historical Park.  The first Paradise Spring Inc. Board included: Nancy Bell, Keith Jolly, Tillie LaSalle, Phil Magner, Bob McCallen, Jack Miller, Kris Moore, David Moscowitz, Todd Titus, Penny Galley, David Sodervick, and Don Metz.  Added later (8/16/1988), were Clyde Lovellette, Thom Herrold, Bea Miller, Greg Metz and Bob Mattern. 

Dave Sodervick organized a 19-person volunteer group that traveled to Missouri to disassemble two log structures and bring them back to Wabash. The structures were donated by Tom and Shirley Shearman.  Shirley was a Wabash High School graduate. One structure was erected at OJ Neighbours Elementary School where Dave was  principle, and the other became the Paradise Spring Council House. 

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